Semi-Self Reflections


4 February 2017, 7 – 10pm


Semi-Self Reflections is a one-night screening event of video works by seven international artists, united in their search for identity and subjectivity in a precarious world.

In an era where capitalist culture is defined by blurred lines of human agency and technological automation, the videos presented critically explore the post-digital condition through a mix of new media technology and experimental sounds. Viewers are treated with a mélange of cyborgs, narcissism, touch screens and avatars in a visual manifestation of virtual uncertainties.

Artists: Elliot Dodd, Anna Mikkola, Eva Papamargariti, Duncan Poulton, Puck Verkade, Samuel Walker and Andrew de Freitas.

Curated by Alexine Rodenhuis and Kat Rickard.

Presented in collaboration with Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM: A distributed program of events in the field of digital art and culture & experimental sound and music. transmediale 2017 explores how information systems and hybrid techno-ecologies have worked to destabilize the centrality of the “human.” The program presents new notions of subjectivity as well as of accounting for the increasing role of the “nonhuman.”