GRAND OPENING 05/09/2013, 6-9 PM

EXHIBITION 06/09 – 19/10/2013

BOOK SIGNING: 07/09/2013,  6-9pm




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GRAND OPENING of ROCKELMANN& featuring “Pretending to have it all together truly is the greatest perversion”


An international exhibition co-curated by ROCKELMANN& Barbara Rüdiger

GRAND OPENING: September 5, 2013 6-9pm

Exhibition: September 6 – October 19, 2013

Book signing: September 7, 2013 6-9pm


ROCKELMANN& is a gallery for innovative contemporary art, whose focus lies in curated conceptual installations and new media productions. We are pleased to announce our Grand Opening on Thursday, September 5th. The show “Pretending to have it all together truly is the greatest perversion” will feature Florian Japp and Jeffrey Teuton – two international artists both gaining attention for their individual form and technique. The exhibition presents a unique opportunity to observe two analogous styles that communicate two very different messages of presence and emotion. The simple, minimalist aesthetics of both artists allow the works to play off the color and form present.


The ampersand (&) indicating and allowing the gallery to recognize its collaborators will be introducing Barbara Rüdiger as co-curator. She works and lives in Vienna and is known for her curated shows at a variety of museums including the MUMOK, Vienna, and the KIT Kunst im Tunnel, Düsseldorf.


Object and emotion have always been prevalent in society and one is often saturated with different interpretations and combinations of each. It is unique, however, that object and emotion are seen separate from one another in art.


Florian Japp, a Swiss artist based in Berlin, leaves all emotion out of his work yet seeks to instigate. Japp takes inspiration from the every day objects in the environment. It is human nature to want to identify one’s surroundings – to tack a name on to what is seen. Japp deliberately confronts and irritates the individual with his often fragmentary work. The objects are numbered instead of named and each piece is custom made. The viewer is left bemused, losing himself in the artist’s puzzle. The action of the pieces is restricted only to the imagination.


An American artist based in New York, Jeffrey Teuton’s conceptual paintings are a manifestation of his notebooks that fill up with the ideas, eras, words, stories and myths that he collects from his daily discoveries. Teuton’s work is very biographical and draws on his personal experiences and struggles. He uses abstract and minimal color block painting as a medium. “I use color and shape to tell stories and investigate the contemporary experience.” Each block of color is placed with or without disregard to the other, with each color representing an emotion–be it rage, hope, or sorrow.


Central to the exhibition is the viewer’s interaction and relation to the work. The individual’s perceptions and memories are unique to his or her own. It is the intention on behalf of both artists to evoke this exchange and conversation with their work.


We welcome you to join us for this special opening on Thursday, September 5th. A catalog will appear complimenting the show and is available with the option of limited editions by the artists. We will also be holding a a book signing on September 7th introducing the writings of Jeffrey Teuton. For questions or further information please contact us at