Carl Olof Berg


OPENING: June 08th, 2017, 7–9pm
DURATION: June 09th – June 24th, 2017


To book your private performance please call (no texts)
0046 769 454444


ROCKELMANN& is pleased to announce our collaboration with multidisciplinary performance artist Carl Olof Berg. For the month of June, Berg will be based in Berlin providing the service of home visit performances, one variation of three will be selected by the patron, and the only price is a cup of coffee. From May 1st, 2017 patrons may book appointments directly with the artist by calling 0046 769 454444. The artist will also be available for drop in bookings during normal gallery hours. Alongside his performances, Berg has created a corresponding installation of graphics and photos, all of which call into question the status of the male body and the idea of physical perfection.

Berg’s work and his practice as a performer deal with the intersection of masculinity and prestige. He utilizes his body as his method, material and ethos while taking into consideration his personal physical histories as a trained dancer. His work seeks to answer various questions regarding bodily practices and the construction of male prestige, often asking just how and at what point are the processes that make a man prestigious destabilized? Spectators as an audience are always at the center of his practice, the effects of the audience’s gaze upon his body while performing is an integral part of Berg’s research and practice. The execution of his research takes the form of traditional theater contexts or in the private home sphere, where you can book his socially masculine coded body along with three different performances using the structures of a library.

Berg’s method involves applying his body to readymade materials and the utilization of established recreational practices. One strong example is his use of historically female bodily practices like the movement principles of iconic American dancer Isadora Duncan and the fitness and weightloss programme recorded by Birgitta, Princess of Sweden, in 1967.
The practice that Berg has developed intersects between the construction of gender identities, gender normalities, queer activism and feminist theory. His style of performance derives from his past experiences working as a choreographer in his native Sweden, using aesthetics and bodily practices from traditional and contemporary dance, theatre, opera and fine arts.

We cordially invite you to the opening reception of this exciting new project on June 8th, 2017. Viewers will be treated to all three perfomances by Berg starting at 7pm.


I have rehearsed and prepared three performances to choose from: a guided tour of male prestige, a princess work out and a melancholic pop quiz. My performances are all 25 – 30 minutes long. You can be alone as audience or invite as many as you like. After the first home visit you get a library card and have the right for two re-loans. You who book a performance might not be used to having persons performing in your home. I am happy and honored that you open up your home to me. I will need your name, address, telephone number and a cup of coffee when I arrive as only payment. As a memory I will also ask of you to take a photograph of me somewhere in your home before I leave. You leave all this information to me when you call and book a performance.

The guided tour. For this performance, “A guided tour of the men’s club”, you will need 1 – 5 chairs at home. It could be kitchen chairs that I arrange in your kitchen or living room before I start. Here I do a performance in the format of a 25 minute guided tour where I take you on a journey from large scale swedish male power structures to the innermost locked up room. I end the performance singing a love song played on my accordeon Marita. This performance have a suggested minimum age limit of 15 years old.

The pop quiz. For this performance, “Bögen (the faggot) and the melancholic pop quiz”, you will need a piano in your home. It can be dusty, out of tune or often played on. No worries as long as it is not an electric piano or synthesizer. The melancholic pop quiz is a 30 minute mellow piano concert of pop songs written by men performed by my one-man coverband Bögen (The faggot) where you are invited to participate in the quiz. You are also asked to make a wish for a song in forhand for the pop quiz. This song should be written by one or more men but could have been performed by anyone regardless of gender.

The princess work out. In “Spänsta med Birgitta” (Get fit with Birgitta), I present and perform the fitness and weightloss-programme called Spänsta med Birgitta (Get fit with Birgitta) recorded in 1967 by swedish princess Birgitta but I also present a 100 years old warm up exercise by Isadora Duncan and share a personal story. This  can be described as a mix of a twisted work out, a piece of swedish history and a dreamlike dance experience. It will take approximately 30 minutes to get fit with Birgitta. You can choose whether to only watch or participate in the work out. No previous experience required.

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