MK-DOS at its very core is a curatorial collective focused on user feedback generated between artists and machines. We jokingly call ourselves “your guides” to the non-physical and online underbelly of the Anthropocene. Our name is a play on the x86 based Microsoft operating system MS-DOS; as it was the key operating system of most personal computers from the mid 1980s until the early 1990s and it was during that period that we were both born (Mattia in 1986, Milan IT and Kat in 1992, New York USA). “Dos”, which also can mean two, represents us as a duo which is what we plan to remain.

Our major influences come from all corners of the deep web; from Bifo’s earliest work in the 1970s up through to the contemporary accelerationists of today’s online blogs, we find ourselves constantly searching for cracks in our oversaturated reality. We both recognise the humour in the current human condition, it appears people are attempting to become more machine than human. Through careful cultivation of internet references, both technological and whimsical, the collections we create aim to expose the direct relationship between the critical and the comedic nature of online culture in the post-internet age.



July 29 – September 3 – We’re Having a Great Time – Summer CAMP Project