Please join us at PULSE New York 2015 with

Jeffrey Teuton

Kathleen Vance

You’ll find us at booth A4 / IMPULS


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The Metropolitan Pavilion
125 West 18th Street
New York, NY 10011



ROCKELMANN& is pleased to present Jeffrey Teuton and Kathleen Vance for PULSE New York 2015. Both the artists’ work are visual articulations of the ways in which they attempt to make sense of and control the often chaotic and incomprehensible human experience. Teuton, based in New York City, uses colored blocks to symbolize his emotions and experiences in a more simplified and digestible form. Similarly Vance, having spent much of her life in the countryside, manipulates nature and creates mini-landscapes in suitcases, enabling her to carry ‘home’ with her at all times.

“With regards to Kathleen and my work, I think we are both pulling from our own experience and creating work that filters our thoughts into simple and quietly poetic acts. These ultimately function as an attempt to analyze, search for, and gain a deeper understanding of our role in, and reaction to, the contemporary experience. Kathleen is of course looking at man’s role amongst nature and I am looking at the immense, the philosophical, the cognitive, and the mundane patterns in my everyday life.” (Jeffrey Teuton)

Teuton’s work is biographical, rooted primarily in his personal experiences and struggles. His paintings are a manifestation of his private notebooks—ideas, eras, words, stories and myths collected from daily discoveries. Visually articulating emotion and thought in the form of monochromatic spots of color, Teuton builds up colorful structures on the canvas that allow him investigate and reflect upon his personal contemporary experience. Their ambiguous arrangement on the composition facilitates an intimate experience of co-creation by encouraging visitors to complete the narration on their own.

Similarly, Kathleen Vance takes control of her world by drawing inspiration from the natural and urban environments in which she lives. By mimicking and manipulating the natural topography of her geographical surroundings into suitcases, she makes these miniature landscapes transportable. With the knowledge that attempts to control the natural world will eventually end in vain, Vance seeks to reconcile the impulse to control with the natural directive of chance through these travelling landscapes. “With the series “Traveling Landscapes”:  these pieces are vestiges of experiences to hiking points in the wilderness, pastoral enclaves, hillsides, valleys, canyons, and mountains, where waterways break through the surface and present a magical moment.   Memory and displacement of time are key components to these works, which link nicely to Jeffrey Teuton’s works chronicling his experiences, incorporating poetry and translating memories into visual explications.  Both our works create a visual narrative utilizing very familiar forms; while Jeffrey utilizes color and simple shapes to build his compositions, I utilize known natural forms in my sculptural constructions.  There is an underlying sense of nostalgia, wherein our works relate a wistful affection for the past, but also an undercurrent of danger, or warning.”